Kajal boora and Monu boora

Monu Boora (Bhaichara prank) and Kajal Boora age, Income, Family, Youtube Journey & more

Introduction of Bhaichara prank Youtube Channel :-

(Bhaichara prank) YouTube channel has been registered YouTube on July 11, Sun in 2020 but the first video after 5 months on the channel was uploaded on December 22, 2020, with the title name “mirgi prank” and Monu boora name Uploaded by the person.

This YouTube channel gained subscribers much quicker than other channels without any google ads and support. This channel has been placed in the Indian prank category.

From 22 December 2020 till now, this channel has covered 1 lakh 49 thousand subscribers and 27631756 total views.

A total of 156 videos have been uploaded on the channel till date 23 August 2021.

It has been given a B+ grade by Google, which is an average grade, but when it comes to the channel’s launch and its support, this grade is also very good.

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monu boora (Bhaichara prank) status, income & Subscriber :-

About 10-15 thousand subscribers are added per month on the Bhaichara prank channel.

The owner of this channel, Monu Boora is constantly updated on other social media platforms and is also seen sharing photos with his followers.

They are also seen on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and some short video applications.

Currently, Monu Boora makes videos on this channel with his wife Kajal Boora.

Monu Boora’s wife’s name is Kajal Bura.

Most of the videos put on this channel have been shot indoors, we had earlier talked about a mirgi prank video, that video was shot outdoor with friends.

So this channel started with outdoor shooting and is currently doing indoor shooting only.

Bhaichara YouTube channel earns 1.9-16.8 thousand dollars per month, that is, earns from 144400 to 1276800 rupees per month.

Talking about the YouTube income of Monu boora and kajal boora per year, it will be around 21.6 thousand to 201.5 thousand dollars i.e. 1641600 to 3440000 rupees.

Information about Bhaichara prank YouTube channel :-

All the information given about the Bhaichara prank YouTube channel is as of August 2021.

  • The social blade rank of this YouTube channel is 42795.
  • According to 185497th Rank Subscribers.
  • The views rank of the videos viewed is 217163 .
  • So far this YouTube channel has a total of 1 lakh 49 thousand subscribers.
  • Till now 156 videos have been uploaded on the channel.
  • This YouTube channel has been categorized as B+ grade by Google.
  • 156 videos have a total of 27631756 views .
  • There is a growth of 10-15 thousand subscribers per month on this YouTube channel .
  • The credit for all the uploaded videos goes to Monu Boora and Kajal Boora.
  • Bhaichara YouTube channel earns 1.9-16.8 thousand dollars per month , that is, earns from 144400 to 1276800 rupees per month.
  • Talking about YouTube income of Monu boora and kajal boora per year, it will be around 21.6 thousand to 201.5 thousand dollars i.e. 1641600 to 3440000 rupees.

Monu boora Income, Instagram, Physical Fitness, age, Wife, Friends, Family and More :-

Monu Boora was born on December 11, 1998, in a city named Sonipat in the state of Haryana, where she completed her elementary and graduated from Sonepat. For early education, he was sent to Saraswati Education Institute, from where he completed his schooling, after which Monu Boora continued his education by taking admission in South Point College of Sonipat for UG ie graduation.

According to the information posted on their social media platforms, we are able to share their actual education and education-related information.

Looking at his YouTube channel, it can be inferred that he had no plan or idea to start a YouTube channel. He added the love marriage part-1 introduction video clip to YouTube. This shows that their marriage is a love marriage, not an arranged marriage.

Monu Boora was married to Kajal Boora at the age of just 19.

Right now he is seen in YouTube videos with his wife Kajal Bura, in which he is mostly seen pranking his wife and family. Apart from the YouTube channel, he also handles the business. His wife is a housewife and he is currently living with his family.

Monu Boora age and Birth Place :-

Born Bhumi Sonipat in Haryana (India) on 11 December 1998.

Presently Monu Boora’s forward is 22 years.

Educational Qualification of Monu Boora :-

School- Saraswati Institute of Education Sonipat Haryana

College- south point college Sonipat

primary- high school

Undergraduate/Graduate- from SPCS

Monu boora physical fitness :-

NameMonu Boora
Insta Idmonu_boora001
Height/Length5’7 feet
Weight75 kilograms
Skin colorCreamy white
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
HobbiesTraveling ( last trip Uttarakhand 2020), YouTube video making, blogging
Married statusMarried, since 2017

Monu Boora’s personal life and marriage status :-

He hardly ever disclosed the information about Monu Boora’s personal life! They can give the information of their life only indirectly through video.

Monu Boora is living a very happy and happy life in their personal life. He lives with his wife Kajal and parents in his hometown Sonepat, Haryana.

Here he sees his own business along with his YouTube. Their income depends on these two sources.

Kajal boora age, Income, Instagram, Physical Fitness, Husband, Friends, Family and More :-

Kajal Boora is a youtuber and influencer . Kajal lives with her husband Monu Boora in Sonipat, Haryana. He also has a sister named Anjali.

She shares her YouTube videos on her Facebook page and also keeps on posting new posts for all the fans of the Bhaichara prank.

There are more than 30 thousand followers on Kajal Boora’s personal Instagram account Id = kajal_001 and she also shares the most posts on Instagram itself.

Kajal Bura was married to Monu Boora in 2017 and it can be guessed that their marriage was a love marriage.

Kajal Bura got her identity through the YouTube channel and today YouTube is also the reason for having so many followers and fans on her social media platform.

Kajal Boora age and birth place :-

There is no specific proof of the place and day of Kajal Bura’s birth. Although it can definitely be guessed that Kajal Boora also introduces herself to a Haryanvi culture and she will also be from Haryana, the birthplace of Monu Boora.

Kajal Boora’s marriage took place on 31 May 2017 in Haryana Sonipat with Monu Boora.

Kajal boora height, weight, colour, etc. :-

NameKajal boora
ageNot known
Insta Idkajal_001
Skin colorCreamy White
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack/brown
Weight72 kilograms
Height5’1 feet
HobbiesActing, traveling
Kajal boora nicknameAngrej, Kaju

Additional Information :-

  • Mascara evil of instagram on a fan page account also
  • Both Kajal Boora and Monu Boora are fond of traveling and their last trip was to Uttarakhand.
  • The primary language of Kajal boora and Monu boora is Haryanvi.
  • He also has a health care shop in Sonipat, Haryana.
  • Monu boora is doing online business along with YouTube, health care shop.
  • They give importance to comedy called desi balak.
  • Monu boora’s favorite athlete is Jason Shah .
  • His favorite music and music industry are respectively – Savasha music, Roman deol music band, Krytykal music band etc.
  • Monu boora follows Indian indigenous film making company Baarat company .
  • Monu boora and kajal boora’s favorite TV program/show is Smark B tv .
  • The marriage anniversary of Monu Boora and Kajal Boora falls on 31 May, they were married on 31 May 2017.

DISCLAIMER: The above details regarding Monu boora and Kajal boora are obtained from various online reports. The website does not guarantee 100% accuracy of statistics. All photos are taken from social media accounts.

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