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Ayachi Thakur Biograhy

Who is Ayachi Thakur

Ayachi Thakur, the popular young singer of the YouTube platform, was born on July 4, 2006, in Navi Delhi. He belongs to a Bihari and Hindu family, his parents are residents of Bihar state, who had shifted to Delhi, the capital of India, a few years ago. His entire family is a family molded in a musical environment, because his father being a music teacher, all other family members have also come working in this field.

Currently, a girl named Maithili Thakur from this family is in the discussion on social media because of her music, she participated in big Indian music reality shows, and now Ayachi Thakur also likes her sister Maithili Thakur for music and singing. I want to show my skills in the field.

His sister is an example of inspiration for him.

Ayachi Thakur Early life

He is the youngest son of his family, Ayachi Thakur from the very beginning, seeing his sister and brother moving forward in the music field, he also started taking interest in music and singing, as it has been told, the atmosphere of music remains in his family. It was because Ayachi Thakur’s father, being a music teacher, used to regularly prepare music classes at home with his children.

Ayachi Thakur Class, Music & Education

With the preparation of music, he got admission to Bal Bhavan International School, Ayachi Thakur now started giving equal importance and time to his education as he used to learn music at home. The members of the family also hope that it is good to make a career in the music field, but for this, education is the most important subject.

Bal Bhavan International School and he completed the initial study were enrolled in this school Ayachi Thakur in 2011-12, currently, Ayachi Thakur class 9th in is the student.

Ayachi Thakur Songs and Music career

When Ayachi Thakur’s sister Maithili Thakur made her step into the music industry, Ayachi too started following her and started the practice of participating in the shows her sister used to do.

But it is not so possible to join a reality show directly, that’s why Ayachi Thakur first started performing on the stage and in the same way gained a lot of popularity while performing on the stage.

He used to participate in all these performances along with his brother Rishabh. He started his music career from stage performing. He wanted to make a career in classical music, after that he became interested in practicing classical music by making it a part of his life.

Ayachi thakur Final Reality Show

 After this he started participating in many reality shows, apart from this he is also seen on radio FM interviews, Ayachi Thakur was mainly known because of his sister Maithili Thakur but today he has a different identity.

Ayachi keeps sharing his daily vlog on Facebook and YouTube by connecting with people, he has a personal YouTube channel on which he learns classical music and teaches people.

Ayachi thakur stage performing

After learning classical music from her father, Ayachi Thakur started participating in stage performing and her performance became a hot topic among people that how can one sing so well at such a young age.

You will be surprised to hear that once Ayachi Thakur was given better singer status than her sister Maithili Thakur, some judges and people said that Ayachi is the best singer in her family.

This is surprising because when Ayachi started performing on stage, his sister had done many big reality shows in India, and Ayachi learned music from his father and sister.

Ayachi thakur in reality show

Ayachi Thakur performed in the reality show along with her sister Maithili Thakur.

At the age of 10 years, he started participating in reality shows.

His brother whose name is Rishav also used to participate in this show.

Ayachi Thakur had now become a star of radio and television and he also started getting offers from popular channels and radio FM, he also gave his interview in these channels, in which he was seen referring to his life and his journey to this reality show related to music. Were.

Ayachi Thakur Education qualifications

At present Ayachi Thakur is pursuing primary education.

This year he will appear in class 9th examination from Bal Bhawan International School, Delhi.

There is no information or decision about his college or graduate-level education yet.

Ayachi thakur YouTube channel

After stage performing and reality show, he started his own YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel named Ayachi Thakur was started at the age of 12 years.

The YouTube channel was opened on 27 June 2018 and after about 2 months on 28 August 2018, the first video was uploaded, titled “Hum Nahi Shiv Sang (Nachari)”. There is a total of 63 thousand views on this video so far.

His opening this channel does not mean to make any kind of income source, he just wanted to show his talent in front of the people, along with he also uploads his daily blog on this channel.

Ayachi thakur YouTube information and analytical report

Channel nameAyachi Thakur
Joining date/created27 June 2018
Channel typeEntertainment
Number of uploads87 videos
Total subscribers6 lakh+
Number of views52,649,301
google gradeB
Social blade rank96,230 th
Subscribers rank47,528 V
Video views rank123,260 V
country rank6,903 (India)
Entertainment channel category rank10,941 st
Monthly YouTube earningabout 7 thousand dollars
Yearly YouTube earningabout 70 thousand dollars

Ayachi Thakur YouTube income

YouTube’s earnings depend on its views and accurate analysis of that channel.

But according to estimates, the YouTube income of Ayachi Thakur will be around 50 lakh rupees per year.

Ayachi Thakur Income

Ayachi Thakur’s total yearly income comes from a lot of sources, apart from YouTube, there are other social media platforms, and the income earned by including stage performing and shows etc. will be his yearly income.

Ayachi thakur family

Ayachi Thakur fatherMr.Ramesh Thakur(music teacher)
MotherBharti Thakur(housewife)
SisterMaithili Thakur (singer/performer)
BrotherRishav Thakur
CousinNot known


He is a music teacher, he got all his son and daughter to do the initial music practice and all the credit for the success of Maithili Thakur and his son Ayachi, Rishav Thakur goes to him.

Maithili Thakur

She is the most popular classical singer of this Thakur family, Ayachi Thakur was also known by the name of her sister Maithili Thakur.

Rishav Thakur

Rishav Thakur is the elder brother of Ayachi Thakur and currently posts blogs on his YouTube channel, Rishav Thakur is a classical singer.

Ayachi Thakur age, height, weight etc.

Real nameAyachi Thakur
NicknameNot known
Age15-year-old (15 years)
Height5’1 in feet 154.94 in cm 1.55 in meter
Home TownBihar, India
ResidenceNew Delhi
Singing career active ageAt the age of 10
marriage statusNo
Favorite petDog
HobbiesSinging/ show’s performing, blogging

Ayachi thakur contact and Social media accounts

YouTube channel-   Ayachi Thakur

Instagram account-    ayachithakur

Facebook account – Ayachi Thakur

Mobile number        – not known


Q. Who is Ayachi Thakur( whos is Ayachi Thakur)

Answer- A young singer (Younger brother of Maithili Thakur)

Q. Name of the sister of Ayachi Thakur

Answer- Maithili Thakur

Q. Where does Ayachi Thakur live?

Answer- Bihar, India

Q Where is the residence of ayachi thakur

Answer – New Delhi

Q. Who is the father of Maithili Thakur and Ayachi Thakur

Answer – Ramesh Thakur is a music teacher

Q Who is Rishav Thakur ( who is Rishav Thakur)

Answer- A classical singer (brother of Maithili Thakur)

Q Does Ayachi Thakur also make income from social media platforms?

Answer- Yes

Q. Has Ayachi Thakur done a reality show?

Answer- Yes

Q. Where did Ayachi thakur start his music career?

Answer- From Stage Performing

Q. Which category of musicians are Ayachi Thakur and Maithili Thakur?

Answer- Classic Music

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