Anurag Aggarwal institute of public speaking Net worth, Age, Family, Books, Awards, Biography & More

Anurag Aggarwal institute of public speaking Biography

Anurag Aggarwal public speaking Biography

Anurag Aggarwal life introduction

Anurag Aggarwal, currently the popular business trainer and one of the country’s chosen trainers and coaches, was born in May 1964 in a business family in Delhi, the capital of India.

Most of the work in the family was related to business. Anurag Aggarwal had also been hearing the word business since childhood, and his target of doing business was fixed since childhood.

  All the people in the family used to give importance to business, if it is said according to their family at that time, then education is limited only to the attainment of knowledge, it is not at all that education is the only means to become rich and become rich. . According to them, education is necessary for our knowledge and mental reasoning. Recently Anurag Aggarwal mentioned in a session that those who want to make a career in business only need to study till class 10th.

Anurag Aggarwal‘s early life

 Anurag Aggarwal started his career in the year 1990, he was a professional fashion designer, his fashion design idea was liked by the country’s biggest garment manufacturing company, then Anurag Aggarwal himself wanted to open a garment manufacturing company, and he started this business. I was also successful.

By 2003, Anurag Aggarwal was recognized as the best fashion designer and garment maker in the country. Anurag Aggarwal also participated in the contests organized in different countries and is currently involved in the business program organized by the Government of India as the main organizer. Anurag Aggarwal is training youth not only in India but at a worldwide level.

Anurag Aggarwal educational qualifications

At the age of just 4, Anurag Aggarwal was admitted to Lahore Montessori School in Delhi, where he completed his primary education. Passed the class 7th examination from here till 1975 and after 2 years in 1977 joined a school called Government Model School Ludlow Castle. While in school, his goal was basically business. This was the time when Anurag Aggarwal wanted to stop studies and start a business.

But didn’t do that! He continued his education and did his graduation with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in PGDAV College, Delhi in 1981, completed his 4-year degree in 1984, and started his career from here. Anurag Aggarwal took training in fashion design and business.

Anurag Aggrawal Success Story in English

Worked as a fashion designer in Anurag Aggarwal for almost 16 years and made a career in garments manufacturing. Anurag Aggarwal had achieved the success that he had to achieve in his life. But he wanted to take it socially on a large scale and in 2000 founded an institute named “Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking”.

Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking

It was established in the year 2000 in Kamla Nagar, Delhi. Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking has become a well-known name of the country today. Through the Institute Anurag Agarwal country and trained in the field of business to millions of young people abroad and currently Anurag Aggarwal Institute of public speaking organization of 20 of the more branches opened already are. In all these associated institutions, business training has been done along with achievement, motivation, life goals, and some personal subjects.

Today this institute has completed 21 years of opening and this institute has become the most popular institute of this category in Delhi.

Anurag Aggarwal physical fitness, Biography and wiki

Anurag Aggarwal is also known as a writer, he has written books related to business and life in his lifetime. Apart from this, Anurag Aggarwal is also maintaining his interest in fitness or the gym.

The information about Anurag Aggarwal’s age, physical fitness, etc. are shown in the table below.

Anurag Aggarwal age57 years (57 years old in 2021)
Anurag Aggarwal birth date and place ( When and where Anurag Aggarwal was born)Since 1964 in Delhi (India)
Anurag Aggarwal height in feet5’11 ft
Anurag Aggarwal height in cm180.34 centimeter
Anurag Aggarwal height in meter  1.8034 meters
Anurag Aggarwal body weight85 kilograms
hair colorBlack and brown
Eye colorBlack
Skin colorCreamy white
Favorite foodNot known
favorite movie starAmitabh Bachchan
Favorite bookSuccess life’s line
Home TownDelhi
Family AcquisitionBusiness
ProfessionBusiness trainer & business coach
favorite colorNot known
Bike and car collectionNot known
Other jobsInstitute, online marketing, shows
Last tourNot updated
HobbiesWriting, reading books, reality shows

Anurag Aggarwal family marriage status, wife, girlfriend, affairs

Anurag Aggarwal has not shared any information about his personal life. According to some of his official or unofficial accounts, the family information is as follows.

Anurag Aggarwal father’s nameUnder Review
Anurag Aggarwal mother’s nameUnder Review
Anurag Aggarwal GirlfriendYes (at the age of 30-38)
AffairsNot known
BrotherNot known
SisterNot known
CousinNot known

Anurag Aggarwal public speaking net worth

Anurag Aggarwal is a successful businessman as well as a competent trainer/coach, influencer, author, institute chairman, and also a Youtuber, if we add the income of each work together then it will be around 1.5 crores per month.

According to the news, Anurag Aggarwal’s net worth is approximately Rs 2000 crores at the age of 57.

Anurag Aggarwal awards, nomination and achievements

Stephen Covey and the Dale Carnegie Institute which are based in the US, Anurag Agarwal have also been honored by this institute.

He has been named the 29th largest training coach in the world by for public speaking and business training. He was honored with the award given by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor in the survey of best international business coach of the year in the year 2018.

  • Anurag Aggarwal was awarded by Sonam Kapoor for best business coach of the year 2018

Anurag Aggarwal was awarded the Padma Shri by filmmaker and director Madhur Bhandarkar in the year 2019, an honor he received in Dubai for a best motivational speaker

  • Awarded by Padam Shree at the present of Madhur Bhandarkar film director in Dubai 2019

About Anurag Aggarwal Institute Of Public Speaking

Anurag Agarwal Institute of Public Speaking is located in Kamalanagar, Delhi. The training of the institution is classified into its campus and branches –

Public speaking trainer and business coach, Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Entrepreneurship and public speaking course which started in May 2000 have completed 21 years today.

Anurag Aggarwal institute of public speaking Courses and Fees 2022

Complete information related to YouTube channel (business training institute)

Anurag Aggarwal started his YouTube channel on 24 September 2009 and the first video uploaded on it was shot with DD National.

This video of him has uploaded 11 years ago today, whose title was “2006 time management workshop with DD”.

In this YouTube journey to date, a total of 281 videos have been uploaded on this channel named Anurag Aggarwal Institute. Whose total number of views is 100,574,778.

With the help of all these videos, the channel has achieved 1.24 million subscribers.

Number of uploads281
Number of subscribers1.24 million
Total views100,574,778
Google’s grade for Anurag Aggarwal Institute YouTube channelB-
Social blade rank501740 V
Subscribers rank21231 V
Video views rank69,087 V
Country rank according to all YouTube channel’s position in our country2,984 V
YouTube type/categoryHow-to
Anurag Aggarwal Institute YouTube channel daily earning/income Average 1-2 lakh in 1.5-3 thousand dollars rupees
Anurag Aggarwal Institute YouTube channel weekly earning/income6-8 thousand dollars (about 4 lakh rupees)
Anurag Aggarwal Institute YouTube channel last month/monthly income/earning approx 70 lakh rupees

anurag aggarwal institute books

Anurag Aggarwal is a good writer before the business trainer, he has 21 years of experience as a writer and speaker.

He has sent an unimaginable and unbelievable story related to not only business but life in front of society through his articles.

He graduated from Denmark at TMI and is seen sharing his experience and knowledge with the youth.

Information related to his books and courses can be seen by visiting the official website of Anurag Aggarwal.

Anurag Aggarwal Experiences, Expertness & Skills )

Anurag Aggarwal is a good business trainer and coach with more skills

Like – writer/writer, personality development, communication, marketing and advertising, management, corporate finance, leadership, intelligence employees, planer, etc.

Anurag Aggarwal contact and social media account details

Anurag Aggarwal’s personal website–

Anurag Aggarwal Mobile No K – 91-7834998181

Anurag Aggarwal’s blog for business-related information

YouTube channel of Anurag Aggarwal Institute

Anurag Aggarwal’s LinkedIn account

Anuanurag aggarwal institute of public speaking address

2nd floor, 9F, Near Spark Mall, Block F, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

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