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Acharya Prashant early life and life introduction )

Acharya Prashant Ji’s life started on 7 March 1978 from Agra, Uttar Pradesh and his birth name is Prashant Tripathi, whom we also know as Acharya Prashant.

His entire childhood was spent here in Uttar Pradesh itself.

✺ Acharyaji is an Indian writer and Philosopher (individual philosophy).

He is the eldest son of his house, Acharya Ji’s father used to work as an administrative officer, and his mother was a housewife.

If we talk about the childhood of Acharya Prashant Ji, then he has been a smart and good-hearted person from the beginning. Because his nature was such that there was never any difference between serious and joking behavior.

At an early age, he provided all kinds of help related to education to his elders.

Acharya Ji was honored many times and his praise started when he secured the top rank in his class.

If the idea of ​​his teacher is seen, then Prashant Tripathi (Acharya Prashant) was such a student who was a leader in every subject, according to his teacher, a student lags behind in some subjects but Acharya Ji also got this thing wrong. Proved it.

✺ this range was also honored by the governor put in the category of NTSE scholar.

He used to study in the library with his father and by the age of 10, he started showing signs of the best maturity writer and mystic. And at the age of 11, he started writing poetry, his life permanent. Could not get residence because due to the transfer of his father, he also had to change the place, and similarly due to transfer he started living in Ghaziabad city at the age of 15-16.

This was the time when he used to be alone and many times he used to think about poems by looking at the sky during the night, gradually his skill increased continuously.

According to his mother and father, he was such a student who used to study continuously for hours except for sports and food.

He played a small character in a play, for which the award was given for the best actor, but the interesting thing is that in this character he did not utter a word nor did any movement, yet he was ahead of all the actors. Were.

Educational qualification of Acharya Prashant ji

His primary education was from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, meanwhile, due to a change of place, he studied in different places as we told him he could not stay in any one place due to the transfer of his father’s job, according to this his education kept going.

✺ In 1999 Professor Pacific UG (under graduation) or graduation IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) studying PG (Postgrejuasn) in 2003 after the whole, the UG Bachelor Degree of Injiiyring (Engineering) from Delhi, IIM, from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

After this, he showed his skills by being successful in the Civil Services Examination, in this he was working as an administrative service officer, apart from this, he also guided people through writers, speakers, religious teachers, etc. And at present, you also know. It would be that millions of people are still motivating through social media platforms.

✺ They are very popular “Acharya Pacific” the name of a YouTube channel that now totals 2.2 million Subscribers and 360+ million Total views.

Note:- The information given about YouTube is as per the current time and this data is purely temporary data. 

Acharya Prashant important points:-

Acharya Prashant’s Date of Birth  7 March 1978      
birthplace  Agra Uttar Pradesh (India)
Birth name (original name)Prashant Tripathi    
Nationality  Indian  
master’s degree    Bachelor of Engineering IIT DELHI
 post-graduation degree  IIM Ahmedabad    
occupation profession          Teacher, writer, speaker, former civil services officer, and motivational speaker  
 Social media active year   2017 -present  
Organization Prashant Advait Foundation
social media platform                            YouTube {(YouTube total subscribers- 2.2 million total views- 360+ million} Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, professional website, etc.        
Acharya Prashant age  43 years as of 2021    
 length / height          175 – 1.75 in Centimeters – 5’9 in Meter – in Feet and Inches  
body weight  69 kg, 152 lbs  
eyes and hair color        Black

Acharya Prashant Ji has written many poems and books in his lifetime till now and some recently written book has also become the best selling book on Amazon in a short time.

Acharya Prashant Books:-

Number No.             book name
1Woman ————————— Buy Now
2Motivation ——————– Buy Now
3Shree Krishna ——————– Buy Now
4Jaka Gala Tum Katiho ——————– Buy Now
5Ah Jawaani ——————– Buy Now
6Success ——————– Buy Now
7India ——————– Buy Now
8Revolution ——————– Buy Now
9Vedanta ——————– Buy Now
10English ——————– Buy Now
11Upanishad Introduction ——————– Buy Now
12Sex ——————– Buy Now
13What should the poor teacher do ——————– Buy Now
14Have to write a new story ——————– Buy Now
15 Satyam Shivam Sundaram ——————– Buy Now
16Spiritual Illusions ——————– Buy Now
17Night and Moon ——————– Buy Now
18Fear ——————– Buy Now
19Sarvas Upanishad ——————– Buy Now
20Shakti ——————– Buy Now
21Prem ——————– Buy Now
22Hey Ram ——————– Buy Now
23Heera Janam Amol Hai ——————– Buy Now
24Money ——————– Buy Now
25Relationship ——————– Buy Now
26Shvetashvataropanishad ——————– Buy Now
27Aham ——————– Buy Now
28It will not be good to run away ——————– Buy Now
29Love has to be learned ——————– Buy Now
30Student Life, Study & Fun ——————– Buy Now
31Loneliness and Dependence ——————– Buy Now
32Karma: Why Everything You Know About It Is Wrong ——————– Buy Now
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Karma: Why Everything You Know About It Is Wrong” This book is the latest released book by Acharya Prashant Ji which is a trending top trend on Amazon.

He has written more than 50 books till now and each book is a good way to make life simple and happy.

Acharya Prashant Awards

  • Best actor award.
  • Awarded by NTSE / Awarded by the Governor in the category of Scholarly Person.
  • Awarded by the university for the best student.
  • Won many awards in the field of author and poems.

Some interesting facts related to Acharya Prashant :-

His favorite color is blue.

Acharya Ji is a person connected with society and has a great contribution in carrying forward with Indian culture.

They love to read newspapers and magazines, so you can understand this habit of theirs as an interest.

 Are very much aware of the ongoing violence and youth generation and are eager to show the right direction to any wrong thing related to the society, which is a very commendable work.

Acharya Prashant quotes, Thoughts and facts :-

“If you are walking on your own accord in this race of life, then stop and show it.”

The bitter truth – “Sleeping in peace pleases those who are free, not at all to those in captivity”

“It is not a big deal to lose in life, but there should be courage because if the courage is high, then even defeat accepts defeat”

“Life is hard to get, live it with a lot of fun, living a whole life scared and scared is an insult to life”

“People who keep promises in love, no matter how hard they work in fulfilling the promises, but true love is the same, they should keep the promise without even considering it as a promise”

“The way of life and the risk are both synonyms, if a way is needed then it is also necessary to take a risk”

Achrya Prashant income

There are many sources of income of Acharya Prashant Ji, it is obvious that he is a writer, speaker, YouTuber, and director of the organization, so income must also come through all these mediums.

But if we talk about their YouTube earnings while watching YouTube channels, then it will be around 1.7- 2.5 lakhs per month.

This is just an estimate!


1- How old is Acharya Prashant Ji?

Answer – 43 (As per the year 2021)

2- Is Acharya Prashant an IAS officer or a civil service officer?

Answer – No! He is a former civil service officer.

Currently works as a Motivational Speaker and Foundation.

3- What is the name of the wife of Acharya Prashant Ji?

Answer – No information about it yet

4- Educational qualification of Acharya Prashant Ji

Answer – IIT Delhi / IIT DELHI


5- Did Acharya Prashant want to become an IAS/IAS officer or Collector?

Answer – Yes his dream was an IAS officer

6- Did Acharya Prashant Ji prepare for UPSC / UPSC?

Answer – Yes, he had prepared for UPSC in which his father had given preparation and information for civil services

7- When and at what age Acharya Prashant Ji started preparing for UPSC.

Answer – At the age of 15-16, he started preparing for UPSC / UPSC (Civil Services Examination).

8- What is the source of income of Acharya Prashant Ji?

Answer – Teacher and writer

9- Is there any official mobile application of Acharya Prashant Ji?

Answer – Yes absolutely!! Acharya Prashant Ji has an application on Google Play Store which is provided absolutely free and with the help of this, you can connect directly with them.

10- Does Acharya Prashant Ji also have an Instagram account / Instagram account?

Answer – Yes!! An Instagram account has been created in his name.

11- Income or income of Acharya Prashant Ji

Answer – Unknown

12- Name of wife of Acharya Prashant

Answer – Unknown

13- Number of members in the family of Acharya Prashant Ji?

Answer – 3 brothers and sisters and mother and father (in the initial period)

14- What is the name of the institution of Acharya Prashant? (What is the name of Acharya Prashant’s organization?

Answer – PrashantAdvait Foundation

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